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K-smile, Korea smiles and the world smiles back

K-Smile will operate with the slogan “Korea smiles and world smiles back” to greet foreign tourists with kind hospitality, which will increase their satisfaction level while traveling around the country, making tourists want to visit Korea again and again. The campaign is a nationwide project involving the assistance of all citizens to spread the spirit of a warm welcome. The campaign will start in restaurants, shopping facilities, accommodations and other places most frequently visited by foreign tourists, with plans to expand further to facilities throughout the country. 

You can download the brochure about K-Smile here.

During the campaign, a variety of events will be held such as "smile photo contest" and "letter to the kindest Korean". More detailed information can be found at the official website of Korea Tourism Organization from November, 2015.

For more information on the Visit Korea Year 2016-1018 which the Visit Korea Committee has conducted, please visit www.vkc.or.kr/en