Gangneung - Korea Tourism Organization


Situated in Gangwon Region, the northeast coast of Korea, Gangneung is a significant economic center, as well as being a touristic destination offering a lot to see.

One of these attractions is the unique sunrise watching experience, especially during the Korean New Year’s Day. Hosting several festivals, the city’s Traditional Gangneung Dano Festival is in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Sites to Visit

Jeongdongjin Beach, Ojukheon Museum, Gyeungpo Lake, Gyeungpo Beach, Chodang Sundubu Village, Gangneung Artist Village / Museum of Oriental Embroidery, Seongyojang House, Kim Si-seup Memorial Hall, Chamsori Gramphone & Edison Science Museum, 2018 Pyeongchang House (Olympic Promotion Hall), Terarosa Coffe Factory, Gangneung Solhyang Arboretum, Namhangjin Beach, Solbaram Bridge (Aranabi Zipline), Anmok Coffee Street, Songjeong & Ganmun Beach, Hassla Art Worlf (Pinocchio Museum), Jeongdongjin Rail Bike, Sogeumgand Valley, Jeongdong-Simgok Coastal Terrace Trail