Jeollabuk-do - Korea Tourism Organization


Jeollabuk-do, situated in the West of Korea and the south of Chungcheongnam region, is bountiful in traditional cultural heritages and historical sites.

Jeollabuk-do’s history goes back before famous Three Kingdom era. It is the setting of the famous pansori “Chunhyangjeon,” and a city famous for its hanok village and bibimbap. Visitors may experience the traditional culture of wearing hanbok, eating Korean food, and using hanji paper. Jeollabuk, having four national parks, promises special moments to the guests who enjoy being in nature.

Sites to Visit

Jeondong Catholic Church (Jeonju), Jeonju Hanok Village (Jeonju), Jeonju Living Experience Center (Jeonju), Jeonjuhyanggo Confucian Teachings School (Jeonju), Hanji Museum (Jeonju), Royal Portraits Museum (Jeonju), Gwanghallu (Namwon), Silgangsa Temple (Namwon), Chunhyang Theme Park (Namwon), Jirisan Forest Pathways (Namwon), Byeonsanbando National Park (Buan-gun) , Deogyusan National Park (Muju-gun), Dongguksa Temple (Gunsan), Eunpa Lake Park (Gunsan), Jewellery Museum (Iksan),Naejangsan National Park (Jeongeup), Naejangsa Temple (Jeongeup), Oss Gallery (Wanju-gun)