Jeollanam-do - Korea Tourism Organization


Located in the south end of Korea, Jeollanam region is a heavenly home of diverse touristic destinations, including 2000 islands, one of the world’s best-preserved reed bays, green tea fields, and many designated Slow Cities.

The F1 Korean Grand Prix also takes place here. Jeollanam is famous for seafood, Pansori, and Arirang.

Sites to Visit

Yudal Mountain (Mokpo), Gatbawi Rock (Mokpo), Kore National Naval Museum (Mokpo), Mokpo Bridge (Mokpo), Mokpo National History Museum (Mokpo), Songgwangsa Temple (Suncheon), Suncheonman Bay Ecological Park and Garden (Suncheon), Nagan Eupseong Village (Suncheon), Suncheon Open Film Set (Suncheon), Metaseuoia Road (Damyang-gun), Odongdo (Yeosu), Hanhwa Aqua Planet (Yeosu), Boseong Green Tea Fields (Boseong-gun), Gwangyang Maehwa Village (Gwangyang), Yudang Park (Gwangyang), Jindo Mysterious Sea Route (Jindo-gun), Dadohaehaesang National Park (Wando-gun), Cheonsando Island (Wando-gun), Salt Gallery (Sinan-gun)