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EVERLAND: where dreams come true

As the biggest theme park in South Korea, Everland Resort hosts 7.3 million visitors every year in its diverse entertainment sections. Situated in Yongin / Gyeonggi Region, the park held 16th place in world’s most visited entertainment parks in 2014. Once upon a time it was named as "jayeon nongwon", Farmland. The most prominent attractions of the park are undoubtably Caribbean Bay, zoo and water park while it has been divided into five sections -namely; Global Fair, ZooTopia, European Adventure, Magic Land, and American Adventure.

Run by Samsung C&T Corporation, a partner of Samsung Group, Everland keeps entertaining children and adults who love fun.

We would like to introduce -briefly- this park that would give you another good reason to visit South Korea as it offers fun for everyone.

Global Fair
This space owns interesting buildings that combine and reflect different architectural styles of different parts of the world. As the entrance to Everland; restaurants, candy shops and gift shops are inspired by architectures developed by both the East and the West throughout the history.

ZooTopia is the animal-themed section. It hosts a zoo in which polar bears, sea lions, penguins, bears, tigers, and primates can be observed; as well as special pony trekking, and animal shows. Amazon Express, Animal Wonder Land, Safari World, Tiger Valley, and Lost Valley open the doors of animal kingdom where you can contact to wild life as well as nice pets.

European Adventure
Four Seasons garden, Dutch Village, Rose Garden… European Adventure, making you stroll through Europe at once, does not consist of only romantic trips of course. T Express (Korea’s first wooden speed train) and The Mystery Mansion in which you can shoot ghosts offer exciting moments for you.

Magic Land
Inspired by Aesop’s fables, this section makes children’s dreams come true thanks to endless games including aqua ski, flight simulation, and kamikaze toys in its Fountain of Wisdom, Play Yard, Flying Rescue, Hide Away, and Fable Garden. Beside toys and games, Magic Land also offers foods & drinks, and benches to rest.

American Dream
This section let you live American dream starting with Columbus’ Adventure and going through West West rodeo & 50’s America in its rock Ville. American Dream section is a main attraction with Double Rock Spin, live music, roller coaster.



Everland hosts Tulip Festival every March and April. Visitors can enjoy several spring activities in and around of “magical tree” (Everland’s representative photo spot), streets of French flower market, and “Aesop’s Umbrella Street”. Moreover, there are special events like musical performances and parades.

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