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Gimbap is steamed rice is either simply seasoned with salt or with baehapcho (mixed seasoning of vinegar, sugar and salt). In a sheet of dried laver, rice eggs, eomuk (fish cake), carrot are place and rolled.


Buchimgae / Jeon
Many pancake-like dishes are referred as buchimgae and jeon in Korean cuisine. They are made by meats, seafood, vegetables and eggs are mixed with flour batter and then fried with oil.


Eomuk is mentioned as as odaeng in general. Odaeng is a cake, made of ground fish. This fish cake is skewered and boiled in water along with radish and green onions. 


Twigim is the general term for deep fried food covered with a flour batter. Squid, dumplings, potatoes, shrimp and assorted vegetables are the usually main ingredients.


In Korean cuisine, cooking meat on skewers is called as kkochi. The most common kkochi is dak-kkochi; that is, chicken skewers. Small pieces of chicken and vegetables are skewered, coated in sauce, and then grilled.